Fabulous Inc. creates real estate for those who value…… Each and every one of our developments embodies the true definition of quality, from customized finishes and thoughtful floor plans to the elevated offerings of the amenity programming. With the development of top quality real estate objects, we create concepts of land building and functional use of real estate. Our main objective is to unite and coordinate operations of all project stakeholders and state bodies which take the project into operation. We pay a lot of attention to proper visualizing, marketing and advertising of the future project long before construction is completed, to be able to presale future units and minimize investment capital and sales period.

No matter if you’re an experienced investment company, an investment novice or simply potential home owner – you always want to secure your funds with the best return on investment and in the best property that fits your requirements. Finding the right property for the right price is the bedrock and foundation of the future project. Fabulous Inc. always has an updated list of the hottest, off market NYC properties working with any budget, size and location. This could include vacant lots ready for the creation of a new building; an existing building which needs conversion and renovation; or even a project with DOB-approved drawings that is ready for immediate construction.
We are currently expanding coverage and creating similar lists for other desirable neighborhoods of North Jersey, Long Island, Hamptons and Westchester Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any specific town, neighborhood or geographic area, and we will find perfect project just for you no matter if you are investor or end user.

Whether you are a veteran or novice real estate investor, you always need thorough, professional analysis of the real estate market. Fabulous Inc. can assist you with this by providing the quickest turn-around with the highest accuracy – we understand that time is money. We will prepare a detailed business plan and a presentation for the property you are interested in, demonstrate it at a place convenient for you, and answer any related questions.

By having professional designers and 3D visualizers in the house, we are able to create very unique products with the highest level of attention and within reasonable time, as our specialists only concentrate on our own projects only. We put a lot of efforts and time to pick right finish materials, considering preferable design and budget. Over the years we’ve spent working in the real estate development & construction sphere, our company has established friendly relationships with local architectural and engineering firms; they are always ready to provide their best knowledge and services in order to deliver the most beautiful, cost-efficient and practical draft. With our new service, 3D visualization, our clients and investors can get a complete idea of final look of the finished product, to be able to make necessary adjustments and corrections on early stage and eliminate unpleasant surprises later. 3D renderings may be used for creation of the VR tours, so marketing and sales may begin along with construction itself.

Fabulous Inc. is always a General Contractor on each of our project. Very detailed estimating with no single screw out of the attention is our recipe to success. We never present any budget until we are 100% sure that absolutely everything is included. As a result – no negative surprises later. Even if we sell any portion of the work to the reliable subcontractors, those are going through very selective bidding and evaluation process, so no unprofessional staff is involved into the construction process on our projects. And off course, exceptional and meticulous management and supervision of each and every aspect of construction process, with sticking to the composed in advance production schedule. To learn more, please refer to Construction section.

We use our unique approach of marketing, advertising and sales of the finished products that helps significantly reduce overall duration of the project and increase annual ROI.